BV Fresh Skin Rx 全天然防濕疹抗敏潤膚霜 - mcot

It contains tea tree oil, green tea and aloe which helps sterilization, anti-inflammatory, soothing insect bites, and itching symptoms. This product is suitable for adults and children to use.

Function: Works for eczema/rash, athlete's foot, sunburn, quickly relieve allergic skin.

含茶樹油、綠茶、蘆薈等提煉精華,能有效殺菌、 消炎、舒緩蚊叮蟲咬、瘙癢等症狀,適合大人和


功效:適用於濕疹/皮疹、腳氣、曬傷、快速緩 解過敏性肌膚,長期使用有舒緩效果。