BV Freeze Firm 全天然長效撫紋抗皺精華 - mcot

This serum meets all your anti-aging needs in one pump. Reverse the visible signs of aging and turn dull, wrinkled skin into a smoother, more radiant looking complexion. Contains all natural ingredients safe for most sensitive skin types. Clinically tested ingredients for effectiveness, results increase with continued use.

Function: reduces the look of wrinkle depth, exfoliates for fresh, flawless skin texture.

使用天然淡紋成分-六能肽(類肉毒桿菌),有效淡化表情紋 和皺紋,而乙醇酸能去除角質,使皮膚纖維光滑、無暇;Extremel C更帶來高效的抗氧化保護。一支精華解決所有歲月痕跡,逆轉年齡的秘密。臨床測試證實持續使用,能有效減少皺紋出現。

功效:無需打針的天然抗皺產品,天然淡紋成分有效淡化 可見表情紋及其他皺紋,適用於敏感肌膚。