my cup of tea has been committed to promote a healthy living culture since 2004. For the past 12 years, we aimed the direction of our brand with the vision of promoting the healthy Chinese tea culture to North America, To this day, through our many product lines, such as Maple Q, Ginseng Workshop, we continue to provide a variety of high quality, natural and organic food products to our customers. 

On top of the edible products, we also carry natural organic care products such as Hope's Relief from Australia, BodyVerde from U.S.A, NatraSan from UK etc.

We will carry out the mission of a quality healthy living concept and continue on bringing new exciting products, please join us to preserve the beauty of our planet!


my cup of tea 一直致力推廣健康生活文化,自2004年創立品牌時為注重健康飲食人士帶來不同的天然花茶飲品,到今天透過旗下品牌 Maple Q 及 Ginseng Workshop 為大家提供各種高品質、天然有機的食品,以及代理來自各國的天然有機護理產品如澳洲的 Hope's Relief、美國 BodyVerde和來自英國的 NatraSan 等見證著我們以建構零污染健康生活和保護地球生態環境的初心理念。